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Freeing you from your mental and emotional cellmate!!



Semoy Williams

 "I'm still alive today because of Tracie Osborne‘s Coaching.  Her nonjudgemental attitude makes it so easy for me to be honest and open. Words cannot express my gratitude and love for her."

Regina Thompson

"Tracie is an amazing coach. Sessions allow me to gain a new perspective on life, reorganize my goals allowing me to extract the riches that life has to offer. One of the best decisions I ever made."

Jaycia Campbell

“There were times when I felt doubtful, fearful, and even lost about my path in life. The one person I could always count on for clarity and inspiration was my coach, Tracie. I found her to be selfless, kindhearted, and empathetic. She always had the right attitude which motivated me to go forward with goals I was skeptical about pursuing.  Thank You!”

Apryl James

 “During a period of transition in my life Tracie Osborne was encouraging, supportive and consistent. Her down-to-earth personality makes her easy to talk to and her life experiences make her a knowledgeable coach!”

Cory Taylor

"In the Real Estate world its, "Location, Location, Location!" With Tracie its, "Perspective, Perspective, Perspective!" Often times, viewing a situation in a different way can give some much needed clarity and steer you in the right direction to make the best possible decision. This very necessary life-skill is what Tracie has labored tirelessly for me to possess. My life, in every area has markedly improved  with the application of this technique thanks to my Personal Life Consultant. Tracie."


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